This blog is ideas of an atheist man after almost 20 years chose islam.

For a very long time, I planned, I wanted to write about faith, my views about faith and islam but I don’t know why, I did not spare time for writing.

Maybe I was scared to write because I did not want to influence in a wrong way…

Maybe I am not right, maybe I am not kind of a person who can write and a faithful enough.

And most importantly do not have a good knowledge to write.

I just want to help people and I believe islam really needs help. But does it need my help? Can I help? What if I make things worse?

I don’t know but I need to do something, at least I have to start.

Please note that I’m not a good muslim, I’m just trying to be…

And please note that I can make mistakes and my thoughts, ideas about islam may be not correct.

I hope it helps lots of people…